7 Common Automotive Ac Issues And Options

7 Common Automotive Ac Issues And Options

Luckily there are just a few simple steps that may assist you with diagnosing your automobile with a non-working AC. Not only will they assist you to diagnose the problem, but they may even assist you have a better grasp on the workings of your automotive’s AC system, leading to a repair that isn’t solely speedy but accurate. I was grateful sufficient to still have the ac working within the entrance of my van.

why is my ac not working in my car

When you turn on your air conditioner and noxious odor of mildew hits your nostrils, it’s due to the expansion of bacteria in the system. This is common with vehicles that seldom use A/C, are older, or that regularly use the maximum setting . Bacteria, mold, fungi, and other micro-organisms may develop behind the dashboard on the evaporator. This development produces a foul odor that comes out of the vents. Damaged belts and hoses – The air-con system is equipped with many hoses and belts that function the system. Any sort of leak, detachment, or blockages will prevent proper airflow from the vents.

Why Is My Automobile Air

Failed Clutch Switch – If this part isn’t functioning, the air compressor shall be unable to function, thus stopping it from condensing the liquid refrigerant into gas. Blocked air intake – Vehicles have two areas where air enters the automobile. One is where air enters your car via vents by the lower half of the windshield and the opposite is the air that’s recirculated from contained in the cabin. If both of the air consumption areas is blocked from a clogged filter or other debris, your vents may blow little to no air.

  • The drain line is a rubber hose that begins in the evaporator heater field, goes by way of the floor, and to the undercarriage to take away extra moisture.
  • When there’s an issue with the fans, you won’t really feel any air popping out of the vents.
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The micro organism from airflow mixes with the condensation from the coils, creating a slimy movie on the A/C fins and producing a moldy odor. After time, the film builds up and might clog the drain line. The drain line is a rubber hose that begins in the evaporator heater field, goes through the floor, and to the undercarriage to take away extra moisture.


If the clutch biking change is the wrongdoer, the electromagnetic clutch received’t have interaction, the refrigerant won’t pressurize, and the system gained’t function. The compressor is often one of the best place to start out when trying to resolve an AC drawback. To try the compressor, activate the engine and adjust the settings for maximum cooling. You can do this by ensuring the center part that engages and disengages the pulley is working. Check the related fuse/relay, after which diagnose the motor itself by way of bodily inspection.

If your car’s AC isn’t blowing any air, you will need to get auto AC repair, with repairs needed for sure components. It can be incredibly irritating whenever you flip in your car on a scorching day solely to seek out that air isn’t blowing through the vents. There are a few the reason why your air conditioner may not be blowing any air when you flip on your automotive. When children are travelling in the car playfully they may switch on/off the AC switches.

You’ll additionally want to check the cabin air filter to ensure it’s not blocked or damaged. Next, look at all the system pressures utilizing a manifold gauge set. Check the AC unit’s handbook for really helpful strain settings to make sure every thing is operating properly.

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